Helsinki Urban Foraging Cycle Ride

September 7th was a long anticipated day for me… Last year when I was applying for the U.S. Student Fulbright Grant, I stumbled on the website Satokartta: A Map of Helsinki’s Public Food Trees and Bushes. The part of the website that really stuck out to me was this line: Urban foraging rides are arranged in August / September. This was something that I definitely wanted to experience and photograph! So I sent a message to the email address listed on the website and received a friendly reply from Satokartta’s founder Joel Rosenberg, welcoming me to participate in the event, which was organized by the Helsinki Adult Education Institute. On the day of the ride, Joel led the group of fifteen students to four different spots throughout Helsinki in a three-hour time period. Along the way he pointed out aronia, pear and apple trees, cherry plums, Japanese flowering queens flowering quince, and various other edible fruits and nuts in Helsinki parks. Through a law that translates to the expression “Everyman’s Right,” anyone can gain access to public or private land for the purpose of exercise and foraging wild edible plants, except in close proximity to homes and yards. As such, participants were able to collect the berries and nuts throughout the day. It was a fun day and an excellent learning opportunity! See the full photo gallery here.


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